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HACK StarCraft - StarEdit X-Tra anddear




 . . The one thing I don't like about that particular editor is that it actually has two text boxes: the first for editing, and the second for previewing your work. This second text box is hidden, and you have to click on the preview tab to reveal it. However, when you are entering text, the text box below is usually the one that shows up on screen, and it is easy to accidentally type into the wrong box. I also don't like that you can't really scroll to the end of the line, so you have to delete the text and start over. A: I use and enjoy *nix-based editors like Geany, Kate, or TextMate. I haven't used them much in a few years, so I can't specifically recommend them, but I think they're all pretty well-thought-out and generally well-maintained. I think they're all great when you know what you're looking for, but you're not necessarily looking for an all-in-one solution, or a simple text editor with a few extra features thrown in. They are all powerful and versatile, with a number of different ways you can customize them. Of the various text editors, I've found Emacs to be the most comfortable and powerful. It has many features built into the editing interface. To get started, read the Emacs docs (, and then check out the Emacs manual ( Some of my favorites: multi-window editing (M-x split-window) plain text editing auto-indentation (C-q C-i) block selection Python mode (M-x python-mode) Syntax highlighting (M-x eruby-mode) You can even write scripts to modify your text, so you can be more efficient as you edit. Image copyright Getty Images A sharp rise in the number of knife crimes in England and Wales has been driven by rises in the youth population, researchers have said. In 2017/18, the number of people arrested on knife-point offences in England and Wales more than doubled. The Office for National Statistics found 752 offences were recorded compared with 373 in 2014/15. Ministers described the number as "disappointing" but said young people "need our support".




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HACK StarCraft - StarEdit X-Tra anddear

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