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AccuGPS Vehicle
Camera + GPS  
Tracking Solution

The game-changing, all-in-one video capture/tracking system that can be adapted to your unique work environment starting at just


Finally, a camera solution for fleets that combines groundbreaking data storage, upload times and efficiency, with user-defined access and control of video clips. The AccuGPS vehicle camera solution is the only system on the market that is truly configurable to meet the unique needs of your daily workflow, with industry-first technology that delivers unprecedented flexibility and performance.

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Industry-first Innovation
Real-World Application
SD card protection and encryption
Drivers can't remove SD card from camera, nor can files be played/downloaded without authorization
Automated video clips generated by geofence entry, and delivered via real-time notification
No need to request video from stops if you need to see it - they can be automatically generated and displayed for you
User-defined access points to clips. Launch from multiple points in the software: maps, reports, trip replays or alerts
We will work with customers to display video clips from the areas in the software that make the most sense for their daily operations
Unlimited access to previous video data
Once in the cloud, always in the cloud – you won't be denied access to older clips after a few days
Clear, effective night vision mode (that actually works!)
No more wasting time/data with night-time clips you can't make out
User-defined features from your desktop
• Select or download only the camera view or views you need • Program automatic clips triggered from any safety or critical event alert • Set the picture quality and length of clips on demand • Adjust camera settings over the air
Fastest upload time for requested video clips
No time wasted waiting for video clips to load - see what you need to see, when you need to see it
Breakthrough advancements in live video capture technology
Innovative design creates a smaller video footprint that allows for more capacity, quicker loads, better image quality, and much more efficient data usage
Tight integration with precise built-in telematics
Add video for a seamless extension of GPS tracking and fleet management services for a complete mobile management platform
Unlimited storage of live video
Stream as many video clips as you need, without worrying about cloud storage limitations
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Imagine your ideal camera solution

Because no two businesses operate the same way (or measure their effectiveness using the same metrics and practices), the AccuGPS vehicle camera solution can be configured according to user-defined parameters that help organizations utilize video for insight into the critical work routines and events they need to monitor or capture.


Unlike any other solution on the market, AccuGPS' system was designed and built to accommodate the industry-specific way you need to use video.

  • Liability protection - Multiple vehicle camera options and channels means (expandable to up to four per vehicle) that the AccuGPS solution can capture video from all important points and angles: road view, cab view, side and rear views, and interior cargo hold views as well. Whether it's an accident, road event or driver behavior incident, our cameras will record it for your review and for evidence if it's needed.

  • Proof of service/delivery - Easily capture loading and unloading of cargo, delivery of goods, and worker routines to document customer stops/deliveries and have evidence in the event of customer complaints/disputes

  • Security - Protect your employees, fleet assets and investments from theft, vandalism, etc., from all angles and even at night

  • Driver behavior monitoring and coaching - Video used in tandem with driver behavior alerts such as hard braking and cornering, speeding, swerving into other lanes and sudden acceleration has been proven to be most effective as a coaching tool. Train your drivers using actual video from real driver behavior events to protect your business from the costly vehicle repairs, wear and tear, violation fees and insurance claims that can wreak havoc on your bottom line.

AccuGPS Vehicle Camera Solution 

can be configured accordiAccuGPS' vehicle camera solution was designed from the ground up, from both a hardware and software point of view, to accommodate all of these use cases – and is bolstered by a flexible system architecture that can build in customized features and access points to video that capture the visual evidence you need, if it's a critical part of your business.

The AccuGPS advantage: designed and controlled end to end

Here's another crucial difference between the AccuGPS video capture solution and all other dashcam systems available: all of the software and hardware involved is built and designed by us. This gives us a level of control over all components of the solution that is unheard of among camera system providers - until now.


What does this translate into for the end user? We work with all of our customers to understand the precise video they need to capture, with the most efficient ways to access that video, and configure the system to meet these requirements. Food delivery businesses may want to capture rear-view deliveries and workflows, whereas ambulance companies may want to monitor patients and medicines inside the vehicle. AccuGPS' camera system can be configured accordingly, to deliver whatever it is you need to capture, without worrying about video resolution, duration and upload time limitations.

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