Frequently Asked Questions

1. To be able to sell FMSCA compliant ELOGS a company and the product needs to be listed on this website: .

Yes, we are done with the ELD prototyping with testing mobile apps in place. We are in the process of fine tuning the software system and will apply for the self-certification process soon.

2. Your website lists that AccuGPS sells ELOGS but I didn't see them on the site. As of December of 2019 all vehicles running ELOGS must use a device from this list. Is the Product in Development that would comply? Right now only companies that were running eRODS or AOBRD's December 15 2015 can still be running them but will need to convert over by December of 2019 to the newer device.

AccuGPS ELD app is officially registered at FMCSA website. AccuGPS ELD solution comes with pre-configured OBD Smart devices, and free training. Mobile apps can be downloaded for free free Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

3. How do you get the fuel used from a vehicle? Is it calculated or are you able to read the actual fuel being used from the ECM?

The fuel consumption is calculated: you need to input the fuel economy (city/highway) for that year/make/model vehicle in the settings. From the menu, you choose Settings then Rreporting. There you will find the field for local and highway fuel economy.

4. How do you calculate IFTA miles for the report, does it come from the GPS locates or from the ECM?

The IFTA miles report comes from the GPS location where the trackers have been in any specific time period you choose.

5. What is the default locate schedule for your devices? Can that be tweaked if a company would like to have a more robust bread crumb trail?

We need clarification about this question: Are you asking about the appropriate map scale for bread-crumbing or showing all trackers?

When you select Map View for all trackers, you will have a proportional scale to show all the vehicles which means the scale will be smaller if all the vehicles are in smaller/close region and vice-versa.

6. Do you use angle based reporting?

Yes, we do provide directional arrows during real time tracking.

7. Is there an app for driver use where dispatch can send out messages or destinations to a vehicle or a driver can log his hours off-duty? status? Do you have a branded device that drivers can use as an MDT?

We don't have a text message function yet, but that can be implemented if there is strong need. The answer is yes for drivers to have their own account which can be shared by the dispatchers. We don't provide MDT now, but we can supply it when there is a need for the driver, such as ELOGS and Punch-in-Punch-out function, etc. Right now we rely on Driver's own smartphone.

8. Do you have a company (or companies) in various states that does your installations that are not plug and play?

We don't have a certification process for the installation. Because our GPS tracker has outstanding GPS sensitivity, it will work well in most places inside the vehicle including under the radio. The wiring process only take 5-10 minutes with hot and ground two wires in addition to ACC wire (orange wire) upon the need. Also we provide different ways for plug and play such as OBD chargers and cigarette lighter chargers.

9. Where do you get you data SIMs, a wholesaler-- or do you use AT&T M2M?

We use Wholesaler SIMs which enable our system to have data worldwide. The AT&T SIM is just one of them.

10. How accurate is your antenna?

We have one of the most sensitive antennas in the industry. By measurement, our antenna is 100 times more sensitive than most of the GPS antennas in the market.

11. Who manufactures your in-vehicle camera. Is it just a WI-FI device or can it use a SIM as well? Do your tracking devices have offer a hot spot?

We don't manufacture our in-vehicle camera-- we integrate marketplace dash cameras into our system. Right now we have a couple of models in the testing phase. We do have an OBD tracker that provides an in-vehicle hot spot.

12. How does the camera report data?

The camera report is combing our AccuGPS data. The camera itself provides alert picture shots triggered by any alert (or on-demand) in addition to shot video clips.

13. When we run vehicle replay on occasion we see a vehicle going through Lake Ontario. Is there a feature that where you are able to put the vehicle on the most logical path when this happens? People don't want to see a vehicle traveling though the Lake?

Right now our system does not correct all those straight line cuts due to lack of coverage in those areas. We can optimize the process to reduce those kind of fake simulations on an ongoing basis.

14. How do you handle GPS Skip?

Usually our system has the capacity to store 24 hours of GPS data when the vehicle is in a poor wireless coverage area. But there is occasionally some GPS skip when the system resets due to wireless signal interruptions. We can reduce the frequencies of system reset to avoid major GPS skip.

15. How does the fuel pumped and used get entered into IFTA Tax Form: from an office admin or from an MDT a driver uses?

Fuel pumped can be entered through the mobile app using the smartphone of an MDT driver. We also provide the photo shot function to save the receipt pictures.

16. When you scale out to see all vehicles Manager should be able to hide certain vehicles per log-in ID?

Yes, that can be done via limiting a shared account, or customizing the hiding function which we have in place (invisible).

17. Is there a detailed report that gives the vehicle status at each location that has been sent from the vehicle?

Yes, you can click each stop location and retrieve the history of the vehicle status. Right now you only can view the history. We can enable the export report function if there is a need.

18. We are able search for a destination, but after the destination appears are you able to find the closest vehicles to that POI? Users should be able to search by time and distance to the destination and the should be displayed in a logical order.

You can use Route Analysis to compare up to 5 vehicles to find out the nearest vehicles to the location. And you can open up a couple of browsers with different 5 vehicle comparison.

19. How many inputs/outputs do the current devices have?

For our 2G and 4G/LTE there are only three inputs. For OBD trackers there are 16 pins for data and power input/output.

20. Are you set up for CDMA as well as GSM?

Our Tracking system can use both Verizon and AT&T data since we have 4G/LTE trackers. CDMA and GSM is not applicable to this case anymore.

21. Are multiple users able to be logged in at the same time with the same user ID or is it just one user logged in per ID at a time?

Yes, so far our system allows that.