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Although many organizations plan their daily work manually and then track the movement of their vehicles using a GPS tracking system, the routes planned may be less than cost efficient, and the tracking does not integrate with their planning tool.

AccuGPS Optimization Enterprise System is an integrated tool to both plan routes and to compare the planned routes with the actual travel captured on the AccuGPS Real-Time GPS Tracking.

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Planning service or delivery routes can be a time-consuming manual exercise.

Would you like to turn this…


into this and have a cost-effective optimized route plan in a fraction of time it takes you now?


Why Automate Route Planning?

Efficient vehicle routing is the key to unlocking cost savings, reducing environmental impact, and improving customer satisfaction. Routes are planned quickly, freeing personnel to work on other pressing issues. It ensures that deliveries are made on time, minimizes fuel consumption, reduces wear and tear on vehicles, and maximizes the utilization of your assets, allowing an increase in the number of deliveries or service calls per day.

Complicated Routing?

AccuGPS Optimization Enterprise finds a cost-effective solution while considering: pickups and deliveries, weight and volume limits, time windows, and custom rules, such as stops requiring a vehicle with a lift gate or side door, or requiring a worker with a specific skill set

Manual Route Building

For special cases, routes can be built manually with drag and drop, and will be excluded from the route optimization process.


Once planned, routes may be tracked using the data captured by the AccuGPS Real-Time GPS Tracking units.


Knowing that something unexpected has happened during the day is very important.

Whether it is an engine overheating or a minor collision, telematics data can be used to inform a supervisor.

Planned vs Actual Analysis

Did the daily route go as planned? Was the route run efficiently?

Were the drive and work times close to what was expected?

Did the drive run the route in the planned order, or was there excessive out-of-route driving?

These questions are easily answered with planned vs actual reporting.

Realistic Drive Times

Optimization Enterprise uses a machine learning process to improve estimated drive time based on real data. Drive times are projected based on factors such as time of day and weather, yielding a more realistic estimate.

Changing Work Assignments

Do you have a service application where you need tracking, but also need to make work assignment changes during the day?

Need to add urgent or emergency work to the planned work schedule?

Do you have work that takes longer than expected? Do you have last minute cancellations?

A change to the existing work assignments is as easy dragging and dropping work from one vehicle to another. Or, to find the vehicle that can do the work at the lowest incremental cost, an automated function to find the least expensive assignments may be used.

Mobile App

With our mobile app, the driver can receive notifications of an updated schedule and can confirm deliveries using the device camera to record bar codes and customer signatures.

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