You care, so we care 

Founded in 2012, by two Blackberry founding engineers, AccuGPS is a global technology company located in beautiful Central New York. Our GPS Tracking and Fleet Management System offers total visibility to improve & optimize your fleet.


The AccuGPS Fleet Management System is designed to provide comprehensive and accurate, real-time data to our customers. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings empower fleet managers with comprehensive reports, trip replay, route analysis, ELD capabilities, OBD vehicle information and driving alerts.


AccuGPS provides the newest 4G and FMCSA compliant technology to enable companies to have real-time insight into daily operations, all while keeping their drivers safe, reducing costs and wasted resources and maximizing productivity and revenue.  Our mobile app allows for tracking, management and communication with your fleet from wherever you need to be.


All of us here at accuGPS are committed to our communities and the companies that power them.  You care, so we care.