Security on demand


Safely stop a vehicle

Our intuitive system allows you to effectively cut the fuel for the vehicle after the engine has stopped.  Using our mobile app or text message feature, you can have peace of mind knowing the vehicle is secure and will not start again until you want it to.


Remote Re-Activation via:

  • mobile app

  • text message

A quick notification from the mobile app or text message to the vehicle will allow the engine to start again. A simple, intuitive solution when you are ready to unlock your vehicle.


Secure a stolen vehicle

In the US, a vehicle is stolen every 4 seconds. If your vehicle is stolen you can send  a SmartLok notification to the vehicle that prohibits the engine to start once it has been shut off. Combined with our tracking feature, you will know where you vehicle is and be able to call the police for a speedy recovery.



CarSecurity-KeylessEntryIcon-01 (1).png

Smart Lok vehicle using:

  • mobile app

  • text message

Easy, Quick & Effective!

You are able to SmartLok your vehicle from wherever you are.


Low Cost on-demand location requests