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  • Quality Mechanical Services

    The implementation of the AccuGPS system at Quality Mechanical Services was very simple and instantly added value. Outside of the “tangible” benefits of the system, such as savings on Insurance, and an increased visibility of our company assets, our firm also began to notice many intangibles. There was an increase in accountability for the vehicles by our employees, and a noticeable decrease in fuel costs.  


    The system itself was easy to install (we actually installed the units ourselves), to personalize/interact with, and the app. Now, several months following the installation, we have the visual regional display visible on a large screen in our reception area so that we can more effectively utilize and dispatch resources as needed and respond to customer inquiries.  


    The AccuGPS system differentiates itself from other systems with its user capabilities, and easy installation while providing the same functionality. Above all, the AccuGPS team is very responsive to all implementation (or ongoing) issues and are quick to provide timely solutions to problems or assist with any customizations.

  • Highway Towing Service

    Our business provides time sensitive services in many urgent situations. The real time traffic added another uncertainty to our service hours. With the real time tracking and timely updated traffic information, we can better smooth out the coordination between our team crews always on the road and our customers who called for our service when in need.

  • Service Contractor

    We are a small business and we have been looking for a GPS tracking solution which is affordable, easy to use and simple to implement. AccuGPS tracking solution provides such elements fitting to all our criteria. They ask no long term contract in place and the installation of the device only takes teens of minutes by our in house mechanics. They provide options such as “plug and play” which you can get all information you needed with just one plug of the devices to either OBD or cigarette lighter.

  • Truck driver training school

     We have used other GPS tracking system before, but we could not fully benefit much from the GPS tracking system due to lack of service and system instability. After we have been approached by AccuGPS, we find out the tracking system could provide much more information we need. AccuGPS service person always follow up with us regarding how to utilize the features of the system, how to analyze the travel data which can be dated back to more than 1 year. AccuGPS is providing life time warranty to their products during the service term which shows their great confidence about their products and service.

  • Sanitation enterprise 

    AccuGPS tracking solution provides trip reply with detailed route traces including accurate stop locations and stop times.  That gives us the best tools to analyze the route of garbage collections and to instruct the new drivers. The real time tracking (bread crumbing) and traffic information enable us promptly to coordinate our team crews working schedule based on the onsite situation and traffic condition. With the GPS tracking system provided by AccuGPS, we made meaningful improvement on our fleet management.


  • Energy Delivery Company

    Our drivers are always on the road and the business is always busy year around.  We need to understand how our drivers drive on the road and the safety is the utmost concern to us.  To manage a big fleet of vehicles, it is always challenging to our managers. With AccuGPS tracking solutions, we can better manage all the issues by just open our smartphone mobile apps instantly to follow up with the real time situations of our delivery truck. At the same time, we even can provide the instructions about the driving safety if the GPS tracking system warns us about the speeding. Since our truck is always on the road, we could implement the system around our clock due to the simplicity of the installation of the devices. AccuGPS always holds our interest into their heart.

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AccuGPS LLC is a New York-based technology company. Its Mobile-friendly GPS tracking system has provided beneficial and convenient service to many fleet managers and business owners since 2013.


AccuGPS Camara Solution provides real-time multi-channel video monitoring.